Black Kuhli Loaches

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately; I just haven't had the time. But I'm sure to keep any aquatist who is desperately in need of fish info from the fish guru herself updated. I've decided to talk about something other than goldfish. Black kuhli loaches care and facts seemed to be a mystery. I own two black kuhli loaches for almost 6 months now. They are 3 inches and will get up to the lengths of 41/2 inches. They are calm, nocturnal fish who only get hyper when it's feeding time. My loaches have a routine of being active at 8 p.m. 'Til 6 a.m. Black kuhli loaches are bottom feeders and need soft gravel or sand substrate to keep them happy and not injured. Loaches will eat anything to shrimp to flake food. My loaches love frozen blood worms more than anything. These fish also love it hot, 75-80 degrees. So watch out for what fish you pair it with, many fish differ on temperaments. What sucks about these beautiful fish, is that they are so slim. It's so easy for them to get sucked up in a siphon or gravel vacuum. Please be careful when handling with these "deadly" instruments.  Another thing to know about black kuhli loaches is that they are community fish. You should buy these fish in pairs, if not they will have a stronger chance of being stressed, so I recommend it. Other than that these fish are beautiful and very peaceful. They'd make a unique addition into an aquarium.

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