Expand Your Fish's Diet

Maintaining your fish's nutrition intake can be difficult when not knowing the food options that are out there. Just feeding your fish flake or pellet food isn't going to cut it. Variety of different meals can make a difference on the life of your fish. I recommend cucumber and peas, especially if you own a goldfish because it can reduce the chance of it getting Swim Bladder Disease (which i will talk about in my next post) To make the cucumber edible for your fish, boil the cucumber to get it soft and mushy and be sure to remove the skin, along with the peas, because it's hard on the fish's digestive system. Fruits and veggies are essential foods to have but protein is very important also, and flake food doesn't provide as much nutrition as frozen or live blood worms. I prefer frozen because I'm 'gaggy' with bugs. Go to your local pet or fish store (I prefer petsmart over petco) to look and see what is right for you and your beautiful pet. Expanding your fish's diet will help it's immune system, give it needed iron, protein, magnesium, etc. You'll definitely see the difference. 

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