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Ich is one of the most common fish parasites. Sadly most aquatics will come across it at some point. I had dealt with it with my black moor goldfish. At first the disease isn't noticeable until more white spots are formed. To treat the ich, it can be a pain but treating all your fish because you noticed a little too late is even a bigger pain. So at first site of the ich treat it immediately!  To get rid of the ich, isolate the fish who have it in a separate tank because the ich treatment can kill your plants and will irritate your fish. I heard raising your fish tank's temperature a few degrees tends to speed up the process but i have never done it, but I wish I would've. Put the ich treatment as directed, usually you'll do it twice a day but it can vary. Make sure you remember to do water changes everyday! I like to do 25% but a little more wouldn't hurt anybody. The ich will probably take a week to cure. Mine too a week and two days, but then again I didn't raise my tank's temperature. So I definitely will next time. I hope this helped to any aquatic dealing with the stubborn ich! 

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