Goldfish Daily: Bacterial infection

Hello everyone! Sad to say two of my comet goldfish, Chunks and Stella, have been diagnosed with an bacterial infection. They both have blood streaks on their tails and fins. However, Chunks's infection spread very quickly. He now has ulcers and red sores on his upper and lower part of his body and on his gills. His body looks glossy and slimier than usual. I just started giving them, MELAFIX by API, which i bought from my nearest Petco. If you're wondering how they got it, i had recently saved 3 comets from a awful senior prank. I put them in with my goldfish until I could find them a decent home. However, the infection spread like wildfire. I was too busy with finals and back-to-back chemistry tests so i had failed to notice. I will be glad to keep everyone updated on the healing :)

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