Planted Aquariums

Choosing the right type of plant in a fish tank can be difficult. Before selecting the right plant they are some things that must come into consideration, like the type of fish you have, type of 'bedding', and the lighting or no lighting. Personally i buy fake plants due lack of lighting and my fish. I have goldfish who will literally tear it into pieces because they love green leafy foods and because they are scavengers and will take the roots out of the gravel. However buying a live plant has it's benefits, it laminates the growth of algae. Also gives fish a natural hiding, like they would have in the wild. But make sure you inspect your plants before putting them into your aquarium. Check for parasites that might be living on it and for unwanted snails. The lighting in your tank must defiantly be checked because in order for your plants to be healthy they need tons of light. Also with little lighting they will probably end up killing your fish by the chemicals coming out of the plant. Checking the type of 'bedding' is also very important. If i were to set up another tank with the right fish & the right lighting, i would add dirt before my gravel. The plants get extra nutrients and the roots can really be held down. I've seen plants are more vibrant in color and grow faster when in soil-gravel bedding. But the choice is yours. Good luck. 

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